Library Fines and Trixie Belden



So, as a writer of books it’s safe to assume that I’m also a reader of books. If a writer doesn’t love the written my word I personally don’t understand why they would want to write themselves. Most of us began our love of books at a young age. I remember both my parents reading to me and my siblings and I remember loving it. I also loved the library, still do, though I don’t frequent one anymore as I seem to have issues remembering to return books.

This got to the point that I spent one memorable weekend at The Mesa Public Library covering books in laminate. Essentially I couldn’t pay the tab so I was washing the dishes so to speak. There were many times I had to pay off debts and each time my library card was reinstated I would go nuts and check out books like it was going out of style. I think my problem was that I was a fast reader at that point and after finishing the books in a couple of days, would think that I still had plenty of time to return them. Of course then there was a trampoline to jump off the shed on to, trees to climb, and the boy’s fort to invade, and a month later I’d be like holy crap these were due last week.

Whereas I sadly no longer have a trampoline I still forget library books, it is a hard wired flaw at this point so I have decided to simply buy my books. After all, I am a writer and want to support other writers (I am in no way implying that if you check books out from the library that you aren’t helping writers, I am just flawed). So needless to say I have a lot of books. Many were donated this past May or sold at Bookman’s in Arizona because I was moving across country and didn’t want five bookshelves of books. My sister the English teacher appreciated this as the got the used bookstore credits as well as some critical editions from my own pursuit of higher education, so it was all for the best. I am trying to only buy ebooks at the moment because my plan is to end up back in Arizona and the lord knows I have no desire to carry boxes of books down the steep back stairs of my current domicile.

Library fees aside, I recall many joyous days with my nose in a book. I devoured numerous titles notably the Thoroughbred series, True Crime novels, and some discreetly ill begotten bodice rippers. My first love though was The Trixie Belden series. Most people aren’t familiar with the girl detective a series that ran from 1948-1986, they are more familiar with Nancy Drew. I myself never got into Nancy Drew, probably because my mom preferred Trixie and honestly I could relate far more to Trixie. She was a character who while a bit cookie cutter had issues I could relate to. She wasn’t always happy with her looks, she loathed chores, her brothers annoyed her, but at the end of the day she was an adventurer.

I still wander thrift stores and used bookstores and buy any copies they have of the series. If I already have that particular book I give it to my mom or sister as they are both fans as well. The series isn’t flawless, and given the time period it’s not always PC. I vaguely remember the group Trixie is part of The Bob-Whites collects books for a school library in Mexico…the kids may have appreciated it more if English was their language but whatever, their hearts were in the right place. Still, it is a wonderful series that I still read from time to time because who doesn’t fantasize about a simpler time where riding horses and fixing up an old gate house to be a club house is your daily existence? Oh, and of course along with the rural simplicity there are mysteries to solve and bad guys to catch.

So we all have that first book or series that really started our love for books. What is yours?  


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