#RT14 Convention Recap

Alright, it’s been a couple of months since RT so I figure it’s past time for a partial recap. Wow, is one way to describe RT. It was like being hit by a truck and in some ways I am still recovering. There were so many positives, some definite growth, and some disenchantment. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything except maybe a winning lottery ticket, but that’s because then I would be able to afford to go to all of the RT Conventions…FOR EV ER.

It all began on Monday, Jami and I went a day early to get the lay of the land and go on a ghost tour. Unfortunately Southwest changed my plans as my flight was like an hour and a half delayed. No big deal, I am a former flight attendant so I understand there are delays yada yada yada. What really annoyed me however is that there were announcements made and the monitor continued to say “on time” when it obviously wasn’t. So that and my phone dying made for some early stress. Luckily, a lovely gentleman in New Orleans loaned me his cell phone and I called Jami who rebooked our tour and I arrived at the hotel relatively less stressed.

Monday night then consisted of eating at the best burger place ever, Port of Call. It’s a bit out of the way but a favorite for locals and tourists and worth a small trek. I was introduced to the place by one of my closest friends who has a food blog Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie. After that Jami her husband and I headed down to Bourbon Street. You know a party town reputation is earned when the place is bumping even on a Monday night. I really enjoy New Orleans because everyone seems to be there to have a good time, that and it’s an eclectic mix of people, you really can’t feel out of place there.

After meandering for a bit we decided to stop at an absinthe bar, as none of us had ever tried it before. The presentation was beautiful and if you like black jelly beans then absinthe is your drink. Luckily, I like black jelly beans. No green fairies for us however, one drink and we decided to stop while we were ahead.


(You can’t really tell but those suckers were on fire. Jami looks excited, I look concerned.)

Tuesday was pretty much a free day. We wandered a bit, stopped by Café du Monde for some beignets (ridiculously delicious of course), and had a tarot reading (my life is looking pretty impressive ya’ll). After a quick regrouping at the hotel we headed out for our ghost tour. We booked it through French Quarter Phantoms and it was awesome. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny despite the often gruesome subject manner…plus we got a discount on hurricanes at the bar it started at. Needless to say I would highly recommend them.

2014-05-13 10.59.13

(They taste even better than they look…and yes I got Diet Coke instead of cafe au lait, cuz you know, addictions.)

2014-05-13 17.57.58

(Jami and I having an adult beverage before our tour.)

I was eager to get back after the tour because we had our first official RT event that night and we were running late. This was mine and Jami’s first RT so I told her we had to do the Cover Model Sock Hop. Basically I forced her (and her husband) against their will. It was…interesting. It was obvious that a lot of effort had been put into it and the decorations and the mini diner-themed foods were adorable.

Problem was the raffles they had talked about ended up being raffles to dance with the cover models. Plenty of the other ladies were having a blast but I just felt awkward. I need complimentary tequila shots to be willing to be put on display like that (introverted writer alert). Still, the guys were great sports and very friendly. Luckily, I didn’t win a dance despite Jami and her husband throwing their tickets at me, but I had just enough Abita Strawberry Lager to be the first in line to get my picture with the fellas (hey now I had ponied up the dough and I wanted it immortalized).


(You’re welcome.)

Final verdict on the optional cover model event is that I probably won’t pay extra for it in the future. I do think that it is great to experience it at least once to find out if it is your cup of tea. Even if it’s not it will give you many hysterically awkward stories for the future, and truth be told the fellas they had, could not have been nicer.

Stay tuned for the next post that will have more writerly things and less personal observations on my drinking habits (maybe).


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