Spooky Things

It’s a spooky time of year, obvious holidays aside, I have begun my query process. I’ve been working on my query and synopsis for weeks and whereas I’m pretty sure that they’re good, there is this strange voice saying “What if they’re crap?” Considering the fact that I’ve begun the submission process the answer is likely to buck up buttercup because you’ve already sent them out to the world. I’m normally a very mellow, go with the flow, kinda gal. Suddenly every email is giving me a heart attack…and it’s only been twelve hours *sigh*. Well it will turn out one way or another.

River with knife
(The emails scare me as much as that time my cat turned into a demon and had a knife.)

In the meantime my critique partner has announced that she’s planning on doing NANO. This was a bit of a surprise given that two months ago she swore that she wasn’t going to do it. I’ll likely join to get a head start on Book 2 in my Curse series because even if I don’t “win” NANO, it’s fun to sprint with people and provides a good kick in the pants.

(Habitica, the most fun you will ever have while cleaning out the cat box.)

I do enjoy making tasks into games to get them done. Which is why I’ve also joined habitica.com. It’s a fun little RPG that you level up in by finishing To Do lists, performing daily tasks, and adding good habits to your life. Plus you can hatch magical pets and unlike Tamagotchi they won’t die when you’re sleeping. Moral of this blog is: Deal with it and if you need a fun kick in the pants join NANO or Habitica. I guess this wasn’t that spooky of a post please see below video as an apology for not being spooky, unless you hate The Monster Mash, then we shouldn’t be friends anyway.


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