Querying and Rejection Goulash

I am now two weeks into querying process. I don’t think as human beings that we like to seek out rejection but when going into the querying process you’re somewhat asking for people to tell you no. There are of course the blessed few that get a ton of requests within days of querying agents. However, the consensus overall seems to be that you’re going to see quite a bit of rejection before finding Agent Charming.

I am very lucky in the fact that I have a strong support group along with a pretty thick skin. Tonight for instance I received a form rejection letter one hour after sending the query. Yes, you read that right, ONE HOUR. Some people would have turned into a blubbery mess at that point. I laughed hysterically and called my critique partner to laugh even harder.  I have also already committed the cardinal querying sin…I accidently sent a query that had “Dear Agent” on it rather than the lovely personalized greeting I had prepared. Oye.

I could be focusing on my blunder or the record breaking rejection but instead I’m focusing on the next book while my queries find their way into the world. In essence, I’m just going to follow the advice of the internet, and keep on trucking/writing/being calm and carrying on/etc.  Okay, also I made a rejection letter goulash. It was delicious and I didn’t eat it all in one sitting so I’m marking that as a win.


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