It’s January and it has been a blessedly mild winter here in Chicago. Knock on wood.


Yes, I’m superstitious but I’m pretty stoked that I’ve only had to wear pants under pants like three days so far. Being from Arizona, that’s kinda a big deal.

The typical holiday things happened this year. I’ve eaten a lot of food, watched too much TV, read a lot of books (but there’s never too many books), and generally didn’t get a lot done. Of course this was also due to holiday traveling and general celebratory events.

December was a good month as far as requests for the MS goes (much better than November’s rejection goulash) but January has been a little slow going. I’m still waiting to hear back on a few and I got a lovely rejection letter (is that an oxymoron?) on a full request. The letter was just what I needed to get revved to get back on track with the second book in the series. So I called my critique partner and had a pow wow. Things to do: query more agents, finish book two in Cursed series, blog, more writerly things and less Netflix.

Of course this isn’t easy to do when you’ve got a snuggle bunny in the house.

Leeloo Snuggle

The other snuggle bunny does not like to be photographed.

2015 was a good year for me but it’s time to push forward with the things I did last year to make this year even better. It will be difficult to push the cat off my lap, but I’ll do it.



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