Christmas Trees and Not Buying Food

A little off subject as it is now February but for the first time in my adult life this year I purchased a Christmas tree. We named her Amelia and she was a stunner. Amelia finally died all the way last weekend which was perfect timing as we could say that we took down our Christmas tree before February and I still felt like I got my eighty bucks worth (trees aren’t cheap kids).

So our living room is spacious once again and we made it through an entire Christmas season without the cats realizing the joys of playing in a tree that had toys (ornaments) attached to it. Either my cats are super polite and respected the time, effort, and money I put into Amelia or they are missing the destructive cat gene. The latter can’t be true because you should see what they do to their cardboard scratch pads. Maybe that’s why they didn’t kill the tree, because they were already destroying a tree in its final form.


(River the Cyborg cat not attacking Amelia the tree)

                Per the “Goals” from the last post, resolutions are so 2015 (please read sarcasm into that), I have been getting a ton of writing done and have been prepping a list for additional querying that is going down this weekend. Basically I’m killing it. I hope all of your 2016 plans are going as planned, no wait, that sounds awful, going well as well…. I give up.

On to other subjects I decided to not buy food this week. No, this isn’t the latest diet trend. This was an effort to stop wasting food and to clear out the fridge/freezer/pantry a smidge. Guys I thought this was going to be tough but I’m telling you I ate like a Queen! That may be a slight oversell but we’re talking quiche, cabbage rolls, risotto, roasted balsamic cauliflower. So if you’re looking to some cash and do a little early spring cleaning I would highly recommend not buying new groceries for a week.

Finally, we’re getting in to the time of year where we’re gonna be seeing new books in all the series we know and love. I am really excited about the new Mercy Thompson novel by Patricia Briggs and the next Others novel by Anne Bishop which are coming out in March. Anyone else got any new books on the horizon?




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