It’s March and that means the weather can’t make up its mind. I work in the Sears Tower and we have a pretty stellar views which will help illustrate the whims of Mother Nature.

Now, as you can see I’m not an award winning photographer but one is all dreary and snowy and the other one is sunny and looks deceptively like a beach day. These weather swings mean allergies out the wazoo and a constant questioning of whether your clothing is the right weight to be warm enough but not so warm that you’re sweating balls halfway to the train.

The month of March also means we’re two months into New Year’s goals. I decided to get healthier around the beginning of the year not because I wanted to do a New Year’s resolution but because after all the fall and winter feasting I really didn’t want to have to buy new pants. After two months that fear is gone but it can be hard to stay motivated.

Gollum feels my pain.

Beyond weather mood swings and the constant angel/devil on my shoulder regarding cardio the best part about March has got to be the book releases. First up was Jennifer Estep’s Bitter Bite which technically came out at the end of February but we’re not sticklers around these parts. Next week we’re hit with a double whammy with Patricia Briggs’ Fire Touched and Anne Bishop’s Marked in Flesh.

Book Baller

Other things to look forward to this month is a Round Robin story I’ve been working on with some critique partners with a working title of Conjuring Misery. Myself, Jami Gray, and Dave Benneman will be rolling out the first installment at the end of the month. Think gunslingers with magic and mules…at least that’s where it’s headed this week.

Finally, for all people who are interested in podcasts, RPGs, uber nerdom, and my personal quest to tame a Jakar (mythical large cat that has feathers and breathes fire), check out the Titan’s Grave podcast. We’ve had like two hundred listeners which is much higher than our original goal of seven. Basically we’re internet famous.


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