An Image of a Panda Is Not a Panda

A few weeks ago I attended the RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas. I will, as previously promised, give an overview of this wild adventure in the very near future. Today will be a quick story of a horror I hadn’t realize existed until I returned from the convention. When I came home, and rolled my two massively over-packed suitcases into my room after an afternoon of travel, I was surprised to find roses strewn across my floor and my blackout curtains wide open.

These were not “sexy surprise” roses, these were haphazardly tossed about the floor as though a deranged stalker had come to visit. I called my brother/roommate into the room asked him what the hell was going on as the week old hangover made it too difficult to figure out on my own. There was a simple explanation.

While I was out of town, my brother’s girlfriend had an opening night for a play she performed in. Brother bought said girlfriend roses because he’s nice. Upon bringing the roses home Leeloo Dallas Multipass aka the kitten, decided that red roses were delicious/made an excellent toy. As I was out of town the brother put the roses in my room where the door could be closed and the drapes opened for the flowers to get some sun. At some point the roses were forgotten and the door left ajar so Leeloo was able to destroy the roses in privacy.

Now this is all funny, in an initially terrifying sort of way, but in the hullabaloo I did not notice the true horror. The below photos show the window directly across an alley from mine. I’m not sure why there are pandas, a small doll or mannequin (that blurry blob on the left bottom corner is a strangely grey child doll or mannequin) , or why they are arranged to stare directly into my window. These drapes will recommence their closed state.


For the record, I am obviously not a photographer. I did not capture the true creepiness of this window so I will provide a link that does inspire the actual terror I experienced at this sight. Enjoy an animated version of a short story that I believe originated on Creepy Pasta? If you know more please feel free to share.



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