Thoughts/News from the Writer Front

Conjuring Misery is up and I realized it’s been a while since ya’ll got a post that did not involve cowboy zombies. When I agreed to do the serial with two of my favorite writerly friends I don’t think I realized how hard it is to write in that format. We go Round Robin: Dave, Jami, and then me (as you’re aware of if you read the serial).

We utilize Scrivener and Dropbox for Conjuring so when one person is done, a text goes out, and the next person whines for a minute and then gets to it, eventually. The reason I find this project challenging is the lack of direction. I’m a control freak and learned a while ago that though my heart desired to be a panster (someone who does not plot a book ahead of time) my brain required a plot.

We do leave each other notes, but half the fun of this project is taking the reader and the writers on new and exciting adventures. Some of those adventures leave me and my fellow authors stabby as subplots are left temporarily hanging. Dave is in a constant state of fear that I will add a magical talking jackelope to the plot. What? No! Of course I would never make a threat like that. Okay, I would, and I did. Dave has threatened a zombie strip club in retaliation so we’re currently at a draw. Have any of you tried writing Round Robin with some friends? What did you think of it?

In other exciting news I got an offer to publish my novel Curse It with a small publisher that I’m very interested in working with. I’ve delayed answering as the manuscript is under consideration with another publisher that I am also very interested in. The first publisher was kind enough to allow me two weeks to follow up with the second one to see if they would offer. Waiting to hear back, though honestly I’m excited about either prospect so I’m not stressed. Cool as a cucumber.

Also on the writer front, reviews. A while ago on a post that may or may not still live somewhere on the internet I said that I did not feel comfortable leaving reviews on books for fear of ostracizing other writers/becoming troll fodder. Time has passed and I’ve changed my mind. Full disclosure if I don’t feel like it’s at least a three star read (which in my book is “I Liked It”) I probably won’t rate and or review the book because READING IS SUBJECTIVE. All caps means I’m either screaming or it’s important.

Ultimately as I continue to work to have a career as a writer I realize how important it is to be supportive of my community. I’m a voracious reader who reads a minimum of a hundred books in a year so If I like something a lot I’m going to say something because I hope in the future someone will do the same for me. If you don’t like my work and want to post that, you can do that too. My three star minimum is a personal boundary that I do not expect it from others.

A writer friend of mine who shall remain nameless put three stars on another writer’s book. She liked it, didn’t love it, but liked it well enough to take the time to rate it. The rated author went out and put three stars on every one of my friend’s books. Which is fine, three stars ain’t bad, but it’s a little telling that it is meant as some sort of ill thought out “retaliation” when they gave three stars to books that haven’t even been released yet. Oh boy. That is an example of why I’ve been worried about it in the past but I can’t control the universe so I’m going to start praising all the gems I come across.

I’m currently re-reading Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniel series in preparation for the next book. What are you guys reading?

Enjoy a picture of Treebert. The Squirrel from my yard.

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