Fall Not Break

Welcome to fall y’all! <– I did that on purpose; sorry, not sorry. I’m not gonna lie, I’m as basic as they come. I love fall. I love pumpkins. I love weather that is not freezing but has  bite. I love pretty much everything associated with the season. I’ve now admitted my not-problem that I have no intention of changing so we’ll move on.

On top of it being my favorite season I love that when the seasons change it also feels like a new beginning. I’ve taken a break from writing recently. No, I wasn’t sick of story-telling, I took a course on front end web development and got some mad HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. Said skills took up a lot of my time but over the past two weeks I’ve gotten back to into my routine and I feel wonderful about it.

Yesterday I queried, wrote, and critiqued for some writing in partners in crime. Queried?….Oh you noticed that huh? Although I had signed on with a boutique publisher last year around this time, I have since cancelled said contract. The publisher I was with has been a really great publishing partner for a few of my friends, however some dropped balls and missed connections made me feel like I didn’t have a business partner in this venture. Sometimes, you’ve gotta go with your gut and pray you’re right. Not everything works out right away so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll find a better business partner fit for me in the near future.

In the meantime, I finished book two in the currently queried series and started a book in an all new series. Think alternate dimensions, magic, and dangerous pathways…nice and vague for you, eh? On top of that I’ve re-done my website so it’s a cleaner look overall. I’m enjoying the change. Also, I’m sure I’m behind the times but I’ve recently begun to listen to Ditch Diggers a really great writing podcast hosted by Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace, you should probably check it out.

Super Majestic

As a bonus here’s a picture of River the Cat. She is currently enjoying the dice provided for my friends and myself by Easy Roller Dice (they’re lovely). Some of you may know, I play an Elf Rogue on the Fantasy Age RPG Titans Grave. It’s a good time which can be evidenced by our podcast, TG Podcast. River, the pictured cat, role-plays a Jakar which is a feathered panther-like cat. By role-play I mean she lays in the middle of the table during games and we all tell her that she’s a majestic beast.  End of post.


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