#RT14 Convention Recap

Alright, it’s been a couple of months since RT so I figure it’s past time for a partial recap. Wow, is one way to describe RT. It was like being hit by a truck and in some ways I am still recovering. There were so many positives, some definite growth, and some disenchantment. I wouldn’t... Continue Reading →


RT Will Be Here Before I Know It

I missed everyone last week, sadly I was busy working. St. Patty’s is a pretty big deal if you work in the bar industry…even if you work at a Tequila Bar. That and a girl’s night out left me wrecked. My father and  uncle were also in town this week. They came just in time... Continue Reading →

Library Fines and Trixie Belden

 So, as a writer of books it’s safe to assume that I’m also a reader of books. If a writer doesn’t love the written my word I personally don’t understand why they would want to write themselves. Most of us began our love of books at a young age. I remember both my parents reading... Continue Reading →

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