Conjuring Misery Chapter 8

Happy Monday! <---Oxymoron. Anywho, to make your Monday a bit more palatable I offer up Chapter Eight from Conjuring Misery. Once again we've got Dave Benneman bringing you Sam, Jami Gray taking up Snake, and I am the voice of reason behind Smoke. Well, that's how it plays out in my mind. Chapter Eight Sam... Continue Reading →

Thoughts/News from the Writer Front

Conjuring Misery is up and I realized it’s been a while since ya’ll got a post that did not involve cowboy zombies. When I agreed to do the serial with two of my favorite writerly friends I don’t think I realized how hard it is to write in that format. We go Round Robin: Dave,... Continue Reading →

Conjuring Misery Chapter 7 Part 2

Here we go again! The ladies of the story are up and they're ready to entertain. You can learn more about the author's of Snake and Sam by visiting them at their respective websites. They like visitors. Snake Staring down into Sam’s surprised face, I grinned, keeping my voice low so not to interrupt the... Continue Reading →

Conjuring Misery Chapter 6 Part 2

Happy Tuesday! My apartment was invaded this past weekend by my sister and two year old niece. I have been crazy busy eating too much, holding a toddler when she decided she could no longer walk, dancing with a toddler, and generally doing anything I could to entertain said toddler. My reward for all of... Continue Reading →

Chapter Six Part One

Welcome back to greatest Western Urban Fantasy ever written on this blog! Okay, so it's the first. That doesn't make it any less great. Dave Benneman is up with Sam's point of view. Next time you'll get back to those weird sisters, Snake and Smoke, written by Jami Gray and myself. Sam Suspicion cluttered my brain.... Continue Reading →

Conjuring Misery Chapter 5 Part 2

Welcome back everyone! I know everyone's been anxious to get to the second half of Chapter 5, Jami was giving her a website a makeover (so pretty) which pushed back the release date a bit. Dave is somewhere in the middle of America enjoying an epic road trip. At least I think it's epic, social... Continue Reading →

Conjuring Misery Chapter 5 Part 1

Hey ya'll, I appear to have posted this a significant amount of time behind my co-authors Jami Gray and Dave Benneman. I moved last weekend and am still trying to get everything unpacked. As it is a slightly smaller place I've been finding myself playing adult Tetris aka where the frack am I going to... Continue Reading →

Conjuring Misery Chapter 4

I now present  to you, Chapter 4 of Conjuring Misery, once again brought to you by myself, Jami Gray, and Dave Benneman. Tonight's offering includes a hillside full of revenants, a mysterious poker game, an unexpected family visit, and a little B&E. Three writers can sometimes go off in all sorts of directions, can you... Continue Reading →

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