Conjuring Misery Chapter 14 (The End)

It has finally happened. We are at the end of our tale (or trail). It's been an interesting ride. I can't count the number of times I've gotten Jami and Dave's portions back only to curse them for having thrown another wrench in what I believed to be my perfectly formulated plot. On the other... Continue Reading →

Jennifer Estep Talks SNARED and BBQ

 People, the super talented urban fantasy author Jennifer Estep is popping in for a visit to talk about food. Yes, please. Our little Q&A is in honor of her latest release: Snared, book 16 in her Elemental Assassin series. Plus, there's a giveaway. Talking about food and a book giveaway! Get excited. Q&A 1. Food is a big part of your... Continue Reading →

Conjuring Misery Chapter 4

I now present  to you, Chapter 4 of Conjuring Misery, once again brought to you by myself, Jami Gray, and Dave Benneman. Tonight's offering includes a hillside full of revenants, a mysterious poker game, an unexpected family visit, and a little B&E. Three writers can sometimes go off in all sorts of directions, can you... Continue Reading →

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