Conjuring Mystery Chapter 3

Hello again, it's time for another installment of Conjuring Misery brought to you by myself, Dave Benneman, and Jami Gray. Being the degenerate slacker of the group, you may have noticed that Dave and Jami have had this chapter up for a few days. My beautiful (though she would like to point out that she prefers... Continue Reading →


An Image of a Panda Is Not a Panda

A few weeks ago I attended the RT Booklovers Convention in Las Vegas. I will, as previously promised, give an overview of this wild adventure in the very near future. Today will be a quick story of a horror I hadn’t realize existed until I returned from the convention. When I came home, and rolled... Continue Reading →


It's March and that means the weather can't make up its mind. I work in the Sears Tower and we have a pretty stellar views which will help illustrate the whims of Mother Nature. Now, as you can see I'm not an award winning photographer but one is all dreary and snowy and the other... Continue Reading →


It's January and it has been a blessedly mild winter here in Chicago. Knock on wood. Yes, I'm superstitious but I'm pretty stoked that I've only had to wear pants under pants like three days so far. Being from Arizona, that's kinda a big deal. The typical holiday things happened this year. I've eaten a... Continue Reading →

RT Will Be Here Before I Know It

I missed everyone last week, sadly I was busy working. St. Patty’s is a pretty big deal if you work in the bar industry…even if you work at a Tequila Bar. That and a girl’s night out left me wrecked. My father and  uncle were also in town this week. They came just in time... Continue Reading →

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